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If you’ve been searching for free premium CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, then look no further! You’re sure to fall in love with…

Sweet Home 3D allows you to model your dream home and then watch it come to life before your very eyes. Sweet Home 3D is full of designing components, such as drag and drop furnishings from the built-in catalog, clear graphic handles, contextual menus, and if the furnishings provided don’t suit you, then you can always go online to the SH3D company website and find a slew of models absolutely free.

Blender is the complete software package for 3D modeling, animation, and physics. This software can import from and export to twenty-plus different file formats. At the Blender website you’ll find a vast community of users who have contributed several add-on scripts and tutorials to help you learn the program, plus an active online user forum is also available.

Sculptris can create 3D objects from the ground up, beginning with primitive spheres and planes and then pinching, creasing, and elongating until the model suits your expectations. Tutorials and a user forum are provided at the Sculptris website to help you learn and create.

Happy designing!


Where To Look For Great Tutorials


Blending modes: A layer’s blending mode determines how the layer’s colored pixels will mix (relate) with the underlying pixels in the image.

Resolution: Resolution determines how many pixels are shown per unit in an image. Higher resolutions contain more pixels than lower resolution images.

Background button, background color, eraser tool, baseline shift, bleed button, layers, and gradients.

What comes to mind when you read sentences and phrases such as these? If you’re a Photoshop virgin, like I was a couple of years ago, then they may just resemble a bunch of quirky words. Being brand-spanking new to Photoshop and trying to understand the lingo can be very overwhelming. It can also drain your pocketbook, if you’re not careful. In the beginning, I believed I had to pay for tutorials, and more often times than not these tutorials left me feeling even more confused that I was in the beginning. At one point we had a thunder storm – prior to my whole house surge protection system… had to start over after my friend installed the surge protector….So I decided to put an end to the craziness by scouring the Internet for tutorials that were simple enough any Photoshop newbie could grasp the concept, but most importantly of all, they had to be FREE for the advanced Photoshop user and beginners alike. Some of my favorites are listed below:

Realistic Water Reflection 

Displacement Effects

Ten Step Lighting Effect 

Silhouettes and Gradients

3D Pixel Stretch Effects

Watercolor Effect

Complex Repeating Patterns

Christmas Tree

Retro Colors

Design a Glossy Download Icon

Wood Inlay Text

Design Vista Styled Wallpaper

Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop

How To Turn Your Photo Into Movie Like Effect

Fashion Shot

Creating a Rocking Silhouette

Dramatic Text on Fire Effect in Photoshop

Transform A Person Into An Alien

Creating Custom Patterns

Easily Create Unique Website Header

Wrinkled Photo

Colorful Glowing Text

Age Progression

If you have some awesome tutorials to share, by all means pass them along!

Where to meet other 3d model artists in Orange County



It’s time for us to band together.


At this point our main relationship is with our Mac Air Books.


It’s time to venture BACK to the world of living, breathing, 3D humans!!


Remember playing with Lincoln Logs as a kid?  Did you have to make your roof with panels or


did you grow up in the era of Orange Plastic Lincoln Log roofs?


I have a friend who is a roofer who owns a 3d printer that he is willing to share with all of us.


What software do you use?


Do you have access to a 3D printer?


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